Runway Couturier - Fashion-Only Event Production
At Runway Couturier, we understand that a fashion show is the most highly specialized form of marketing, so fashion-related events and fashion-marketing are all we do.  We respect that designers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers work extremely hard, and far in advance, in order to produce the fashions we wear today - and to deliver them on time.  Such focused commitment deserves the same from us, so you won't catch us planning weddings, because that's not who we are.

The Runway Couturier DNA is 100%-fashion-only events and marketing.  As such, we are the best possible choice to ensure that your unique fashion brand is presented ... FABULOUSLY.  Whether your line is affordable ready-to-wear or priceless couture, the key to your success is... Runway Couturier
       "Timing is everything.  Presentation is everything else."
                              - Fritz Lambandrake,
                                Executive Producer

Our most recent "RUNWAY! - the American Equality Show"was a huge hit! Don't miss the next...

"Runway Couturier presents...RUNWAY MASQUERADE" - October 24th, at TEMPLE, featuring five debut collections by West Coast designers and a contest for twenty new fashion designers, judged by a team of critics, led by legendary drag star Donna Sachet!  Now also featuring the musical star power of Billboard recording artist RAQUELA; "Cougar Cub" Marco Middlesex; dreamy, sexy XAVIER TOSCANO; and uber-handsome model-rapper GLEN PAUL:

RUNWAY! - Candy Out-Landish